Anticipating Divorce

Anticipating divorce

I have been practicing family law for well over 38 years.

I’ve been a mediator for over 25 and a life coach for several.

My law practice has been a combination of family law litigation, family law mediation, and estate planning[1]. 

I have represented people in hundreds of divorces, and I have served as mediator in hundreds of divorce cases.

Add to that a smattering of custody modifications, paternity cases, and squabbles and turf wars of all sizes and flavors..

I originally wrote Anticipating Divorce in 1990 as a sort of “FAQ” for divorce clients.

After about ten years of hands-on divorce training and, at that time, one of my own (later to become two), I concluded that:

    1. People usually come into the divorce process with a high level of anxiety, and
    2. one way to mitigate their anxiety is to give them information about the process.

Entering the divorce process is like landing in a foreign country.

Divorceland has its own language, timing, and customs.

I am your guide.

The vast majority of my practice has been in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Local practices vary; take everything I say with a grain of salt; double check whatever I say with your legal advisor; and we will do just fine.

Divorce can be the worst experience of your life or it can be a period of intense growth and learning.

I can help, but it’s ultimately up to you.

[1] Not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization


Marital discord pervades our culture. Every married couple contemplates divorce sooner or later.

This e-book will help you clarify the causes of your marital problems.

It will reduce the anxiety associated with the divorce process by providing you with valuable information about how the process works.

Armed with this information, you will be better prepared to make the decisions that must be made during the divorce process.

When you suffer, and you feel that your marriage causes your suffering, you may exacerbate your suffering by ruminating incessantly on what to do about it.

When minor children are involved, the question becomes more complex.

Divorce scars every family member. No one avoids it.

You must nevertheless confront the issue of whether the potential scars from divorce will cause less suffering than the scars caused by remaining in a destructive relationship.

What’s worse is that you can only speculate; no one has a crystal ball. If you read nothing else in the booklet, please read this:

Do not proceed ambivalently.

You have made a big investment in your marriage.

You owe it to yourself to resolve every doubt before dissolving it.

The law is in a constant state of flux.

The author cannot guarantee that all of the information in this book will be correct when you read it.

Avoid using this book in lieu of professional services.

Please consult an attorney!

As the famous philosopher Rene Decartes may have said,
“I disclaim. Therefore, I am.”

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